blog Transform your business with these social media marketing tools!

Social media marketing tools add up to the marketer’s efficiency to engage with their customers while keeping track of their efforts.

Social media has transformed the way marketers do businesses online, in many ways that it has changed the face of digital marketing tremendously. One question that continuously haunts social media professionals and practitioners is: what’s new in the game?

Social media trends continue to change and with it come newer marketing platforms! The transition doesn’t stop there; new platforms bring new tools that allow social media marketers to communicate with their customers in an engaging way.

The constantly changing environment requires marketers to keep pace with the changes to reap maximum benefit from these tools.

Dig in to know the list of social media marketing tools that you need to keep close in 2020:

1. Biteable

2020 is the year of visual content! Studies suggest that visual content gets three times more engagement than simple texts and infographic on various social media platforms.

Biteable allows users to create a fun but engaging videos and share them on social media effectively. This tool offers a host of free video templates, footage, music, animated scenes and more. Using this tool, one can readily create videos for your business without having to collect expensive resources.

2. Buffer

Started as a scheduling tool for Twitter, it supports all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. This tool has a clean interface and comes with analytical features. It allows users to share content across multiple accounts and networks from a single dashboard.

The tool has a chrome extension that makes it easier to add articles and content from the web to your share on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn simultaneously.

3. Buzzsumo

This is the research tool that effectively measures how your content is performing across the web. This allows users to learn what the industry has on the topic of content that user generating the content on.

This tool allows a user to find the content that is most shared on different social media channels.This way a business can track its competitors and do an analysis based on their content.

4. Missinglttr

This tool automates the process of creating social content by scraping a lengthy content such as a blog post. This empowers online marketers to conduct a seamless social media promotion in the digital world. The tool allows users to create clever social campaigns to enhance their audience engagements.

With the tool in hand, the content writer can focus on writing long-form blog posts rather than getting distracted taking care of the creative side of social media promotion and the scheduling of posts.

5. MeetEdgar

It is a social media management tool that helps a business to content re-sharing and optimizing
their social media traffic. MeetEdgar empowers business with a web plugin using which a content strategist can keep his social channels populated with posts and check-ins from places using his smartphone.

This tool can schedule content re-sharing, while simultaneously monitoring traffic and boosting engagements. This helps the businesses to optimize the ROI of a business’s digital assets.

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