Count Down the New Trends of Social Media

Social media is called the weapon of Gen-Zer’s. You could propagate all kind of thoughts and actions using it, unfortunately both positive and negative. It’s about to witness some major new developments in the upcoming year, which would affect users and brands, strengthening and accelerating them. It’s poised to create some dominant mutations.

* Twitter to Reconsider:

2017 has been a dull year for Twitter. It has failed to grow cognent followers. It also lost access to streaming NFL games which were given over to Amazon. So they basically need to rethink, how to operate their platform. The more obvious ones could be to include some subscription element or revitalizing the advertisement options on Twitter, which is way beyond than the other platforms.

* Video Hangouts Are the New Conventions:

Gen-Zer’s need to stay connected with each other; video hangouts are thus getting extremely popular. House party is a video hangout platform used by over one million people each day. Facebook will announce a similar feature to win over users.

* Social Media to Implement Better Monitoring Techniques:

Social media is always surrounded with a series of controversies and hence has also been attacked with lots of criticism. Thus, it’s the prime concern for platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to overcome. Facebook has taken a step in this direction to invest new Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human forms of monitoring. Social media is about to introduce new codes of conduct and monitoring policies to avoid further criticism.

These trends will end up strengthening and accelerating the present day social media platforms into much user friendly and enjoyable ones. It is likely that video streaming and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become dominant in the upcoming year. Social media brands plan to provide users with much better and enhanced online experience.

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