5 Magic Social Media and Marketing Tools to Transform Your Business

Here are some magic social media marketing tools to make your business bloom this year. It’s that they have some feature or result that literally transforms your business, either through content creation and sharing, productivity, results, engagement, growth; or just hands-down saving you a ton of time and resources so that you can focus on the things that matter in your business.

1. Image Optim

Image Optim is a free app that allows you to optimize images so they take up less disk space and load faster. ImageOptim takes it a little further than photoshop and squeezes more juice out of your images.

You simply have to drag and drop your image into ImageOptim and it does its thing, no need to resave the image; your image file name is kept the same.

2. Ontrapages

Only released in late 2015, Ontrapages allows you to create beautiful web and landing pages, and gorgeous web forms and pop ups (including exit intent). You can pick your colours, fonts and backgrounds and change around elements from a drag and drop menu of design blocks or elements.

3. Brain FM

Want to train your brain? Tune into this radio station!

It’s basically a radio station for your brain – using scientifically proven audio brainwave training (backed by 180 studies) and special EEG technology. It works best with headphones on.

You can use it for focus, relaxation and sleep.

4. Wisestamp:

See the shout out for our Visual Content Challenge? Easily added with Wises You can easily click on the Wisestamp icon in Gmail and edit the signature to show your latest event or promotion. It’s a cool little feature that allows for such a quick edit. It’s amazing how many emails we send per day. We often focus so much on our email from tools like Mailchimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft or Ontraport,that we forget that we also send a lot of emails through a tool like Gmail. If you are using Wistestamp already, revisit your dashboard and add in the feature to promote something!

5. Social Quant

Double your Twitter followers the right way with Social Quant. Social Quant is a great way to find quality people to follow. Social Quant follows people based on strict categories and criteria. For example, if you want to be following people interested in finance and accounting, those are the people that Social Quant will follow. Social Quant doesn’t just randomly follow people. It’s based on carefully
selected categories or keywords that you enter and you can modify in the dashboard at any time.

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